Re: Seeking An App That Hides Add To Cart And Checkout Options Without A Subscription

Seeking An App That Hides Add To Cart And Checkout Options Without A Subscription

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Seeking a very specific App. Im having trouble finding an app that I want for a new Shopify store Im setting up, so wondering if anyone has seen anything like what I need. Ive enquired on a number of wholesale apps but none do what I want, however Ive seen websites that do this, so may not be a shopify option, but one I have to get built.
Essentially, I want to offer a website that shows the product prices but hides the add to cart and checkout options until someone subscribes. I want to have like a costco option, where people can get the heavily discounted prices ONLY if they pay an annual subscription. I need people to be able to see the prices so they can compare with normal retail outlets to see the value they will be getting, but dont want them to be able to add to cart or start checkout without having signed up. I dont believe people will signup without seeing the prices first, so requiring them to have the subscription prior to seeing the product prices is not an option.
Any help appreciated, but please DO NOT message me directly trying to sell me your time to build a solution.
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Do you have subscription app configured already on store?


If yes above said feature can done using custom code in the theme without using an app.

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Most subscription apps should have an option to tag a customer that has a active subscription. You could then add some code to hide the "Add to cart" button, unless the customer has the subscription tag.


If you don't want to use a subscription app,

You could also use a tagging app to tag a customer that purchases the one year subscription with the date of signing up and have code that only shows the "add to cart" button if the tag is within the last year