Seeking Assistance for Creating Custom Bundle Product Pages

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Hello Shopify Community,


I am reaching out for guidance or recommendations on setting up a custom bundle selection page for my Shopify store.


What I aim to achieve is a product page where customers can create their own bundles by selecting various products or components. This would be similar to a 'build-your-own' concept. For a better understanding, you can refer to a similar implementation here: , a seamless and interactive experience for customers to customize their bundles while ensuring the selections are easy to manage on the backend.


I am open to using third-party apps or any other solutions that integrate well with Shopify. If anyone has experience with such setups or can recommend apps or custom development strategies, your insights would be greatly appreciated.

Note that I'm using Impulse theme by Archetype Themes


Thank you in advance for your time and assistance!


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Hi @ZakariaBlueB,

You might want to explore the Easify Product Options app for creating a similar pack-type product. There are various ways to configure this using the app. Here are a couple of examples 🤗:

Example 1: You could opt for setting up 6 Dropdown menus, each allowing customers to select the color of individual products within the pack.





Example 2: Alternatively, you can utilize an Image swatch option (with quantity selector), enabling customers to choose multiple colors for the products in the pack.




Let me know which option appeals to you more, and I can guide you on how to proceed. Alternatively, you can also reach out to the Easify team via the in-app live chat for further assistance!

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