Seeking Expert Advice on Integrating Custom API into Shopify Store

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I am currently working on a project that involves tracking customer activities on an e-commerce website. I have successfully implemented this tracking system on custom websites. However, I am now facing challenges when attempting to integrate it with a Shopify store. In summary, my tracking project consists of two main components: a tracking.js file, which contains the tracking code, and a file, which receives and stores the tracked data in a database. My goal is to add the reference address of the tracking.js file and invoke the necessary event listeners in the HTML pages of the Shopify store. Ideally, I would like to have the tracking.js and backend files in the same directory for seamless integration. However, I have encountered limitations and restrictions inherent to the Shopify platform that have hindered my progress. Specifically, I am unable to directly modify the frontend code and add custom JavaScript files. Additionally, Shopify's security measures and data privacy concerns pose further challenges. Given these circumstances, I kindly request your expert advice on possible approaches or workarounds to integrate my custom tracking project with a Shopify store. I am open to exploring alternatives, such as developing a Shopify app if deemed necessary. I greatly appreciate any insights, suggestions, or guidance you can provide. Thank you in advance for your assistance, and I look forward to your valuable input. Best regards,

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