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Seeking suggestions of successful Shopify inventory management Apps for small retailers & merchants

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We are a sub $1m turnover merchant in fashion & accessories with a large number of SKUs in limited volumes with 2 locations (shop and studio). 

Would welcome any suitable inventory management app with Shopify POS integration.



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Does Stocky do what you need?

It's Shopify's own inventory management app, handles multiple locations and works with Shopify POS.

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Owner of Neuralcandy Shopify Agency
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Hi Carlo,

How large is your inventory (in terms of SKUs) ? Are you in the range of 10K to 50K SKUs?



Stock&Buy - Inventory and Order Management software 

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Have you read the 1 * Star reviews?! Its a car crash app.

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Hey @Carlo_Crighton,

Would also recommend checking out TrueStock ( It auto-syncs every day and predicts your sales demand using machine learning then notifies you automatically when you need to replenish or have overstocked. You can also provide it with your stock lead times and it will alert you giving you enough time to create a purchase order and never run out of stock. It integrates with slack too! Hope this helps.

Kind Regards,


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Hi @Carlo_Crighton ,

you can try Inventoro. See details here

Inventoro has sales forecasting, product segmentation and automatic inventory management and replenishment. And 14 days free trial.


If you have any question feel free to ask me.


Tomas Formanek
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Hi @medy found you in the Shopify App Store - but that link doesnt work?

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@JonWright any comment as an SS yourself on all those bad reviews of Shopify's Stocky? Its a weak story so far.

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Hi Carlo,

We operate several large brands such as yourself some of whom were Shopify case studies.

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Hi @Carlo_Crighton ,

Sorry for the super late reply. 

Happy to have a call with you to see if Stock&Buy is a good fit for your business. We handle a SKU range that goes anywhere between 100 to 50000 SKUs. You can also check out our Shopify app store page for more details.

Kind regards,


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Hi @Carlo_Crighton 

You can try the Sumtracker app. It is perfect for small businesses to manage their inevntory at multiple locations.

I'm one of the co-founders of Sumtracker. I'll be happy to show you a demo and set it up for you.

You can also check our website -




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@Carlo_Crighton Another one to check out to keep stock levels synced in real-time:


Sync your stock levels + bundles/kits in real-time between any number of Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Faire, QuickBooks Online, Squarespace, Square, Tundra, WooCommerce stores with Trunk
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I am nik from Konigle, I saw your message on community forum and thought of connecting with you.Our app "Konigle" is a great fit for your inventory management requirement .It is completely integrated with shopify and is available on shopify app store

Link attached here:

You can further add custom suppliers and sync their inventory irrespective whether they use shopify or not.

Apart from managing inventory, our platform provides various other functionalities which can help you streamlining your operations.The access to the app helps you do a lot more, with

  • payment tracking alerts
  • inventory control alerts
  • collaboration over an order
  • shipment management
  • abandoned cart alerts.
  • understock and overstock alerts.
  • managing abandoned carts.
  • analytics
We also offer a free trial along with (24*7) support over email/chat/phone to help you set up.Do let me know your thoughts on taking this discussion ahead..(my coordinates-in signature)

I would love to to set up a quick demo call to showcase the value we can deliver for you and your business.

Would love to hear back from you..

Save time running your store with Konigle.
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I would suggest my own app to you, Horse. It works across all Shopify channels, including POS. It has no SKU limit and syncs all of your Shopify locations. Let me know if there is anything else that you're looking for.

Check out why Shopify store owners are switching to Horse for all of their inventory management needs.