Selleasy App by Logbase - need to display total amount including add-ons

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I am wondering if someone can help me. I have the Selleasy App by Logbase  (Selleasy Demo Store ( installed on a client's site. It does everything the client wants, except that it does not show a total amount of the product and any of the add-ons (accessories) selected. I have been able to code it so that it shows the total amount once the product and add-ons have been added to the cart, but that is not the functionality I need. I need to be able to display the total amount of the products and the add-ons prior to being added to cart.


I have asked the developers if they would do custom work to add this (obviously we would pay for it), but they are not interested.


The products are of high value, so showing a total amount of the product as add-ons are being selected or deselected is a must. Funnily enough their Frequently Bought Together offer on Selleasy App does show the total amount, but all the items are already preselected, so we cannot use that either.


Is there any way I can determine which add-ons have been selected/deselected by scanning the web page once it is loaded/reloaded/change has been detected? Has anyone been successful doing this.


I have spent hours looking to find the perfect App, but there is always some functionality that isn't there.


Any help would be appreciated.



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