Re: Selling digital downloads but I want customers to be able to select which file

Selling digital downloads but I want customers to be able to select which file

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Hi there, I am selling digital files, but there are 4 variations. 

I want customers to be able to answer a series of questions (with images) so they can choose the features they want and therefore lead them to the correct digital file to download. 

I am sm struggling to find a something that will do this for me so any help greatly appreciated! 


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Hi @cazzy683,

You can consider trying out the Easify Product Options app to tackle your issues 🤗.



Here's how to set up:

  1. Start by creating a parent product that serves as a platform for displaying questions (with images), allowing customers to choose the features they desire. This will then guide them to the corresponding digital product.

  2. Next, create separate child products that represent the 4 variations of your product.

  3. Utilize the Easify app to integrate your questions as custom options within your parent product. You can select from different display types such as Dropdowns, Image swatches, Radio buttons, etc.



Additionally, leverage the Conditional logic feature of the app. This enables you to display appropriate child product suggestions based on the options selected in previous questions. Also, link your child products with the options of the final suggestion using the Add-on product feature.






As a result, when customers place an order, they will add both your parent and a matching child product to the cart.


Feel free to share more specifics about your requirements for a step-by-step setup guide. Alternatively, you can reach out to the Easify team via in-app live chat for prompt assistance 🙌.

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