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I have an item for sale as a pre-order and I'm trying to prevent it from being purchased with other items - essentially I would like it sold separately. I produce a line of fresh consumables (beer) that I'm not keen on holding to ship until the pre-order is ready to deliver, we don't like to hold product for the sake of quality.

I didn't see a pre-order app with this quality - any suggestions?



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Hey Jon,

figured id chime in..


This is indeed a problem I've, as a merchant, and for all the merchants I program for have.  The road block is in the limitations of Shopify's cart/checkout system, coupled with the 100s of different themes to do this on the front-end (desired)


Which ultimately lead me into making an App to solve it in a different way..  Basically, the App I made allows you to auto-split the fulfillment on mixed carts (items currently on pre-order vs in-stock) to aid in the management of split/delayed shipping.  (it also can optionally automatically assign a different location for when an item is oos to force the checkout to charge for (2) shippings vs 1)  Its a new app, though, and if this helps [somewhat] solve the dilemma, please let me know, would love to hear your feedback


Thanks for listening










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