Selling Plan to Include Shipping in Initial Deposit

Selling Plan to Include Shipping in Initial Deposit

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We are an Checkout UI extension that that does the following on the checkout page:


Current Behavior:

  • Our selling plan currently splits the product cost into two payments:
    • Payment X (due now)
    • Payment Y, the remainder (due later)
  • The total due now is Payment X only.
  • The total due later is calculated as Payment Y + Shipping Rate.

Required Change:

  • We need to modify the selling plan to include the shipping fee in both the initial and later payments.
  • The desired payment structure should be:
    • Payment X + Shipping Rate due now.
    • Payment Y due later.


  • Update the Selling Plan to reflect the above changes, ensuring the shipping rate is included only in the initial payment.

Additional Resources:

  • Shopify Documentation on Selling Strategies and Deferred Purchases: Shopify Docs Link
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