Send a welcome email to newsletter subscribers from Sopify's own email app?

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Hi can you send a welcome email to newsletter subscribers from Shopify's own email app? I used to use Smartrmail but I have gone over the subscriber cap.

My shop is mainly physical with some online sales so I am trying to see if how to set the rules/automation from the Shopify Email to be able to send these without an additional app.



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Unfortunately, the Shopify Email app doesn't offer any automation. You can only send one-off campaigns. The closest you can get without using an additional app is the Customer account welcome notification (in Settings > Notifications).


However, Shopify sends the welcome email to customers who signed up for an account in your store, and not to those who subscribed to your newsletter. 

You'll need to use a 3rd party service if you want to send an automated welcome email to your newsletter subscribers.

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Yes this is not possible


I can automate using shopify api for you