Send backorder notifications manually to customers using details already listed in their order

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We currently have a third-party ERP managing our inventory that is not integrated with our shopify store, so we don't have access to put our stock inventory on Shopify.

We have a process of sending emails to customers that have an item on their order which we will need to order in. We call this a backorder notification.

Currently we’re using a word document with macros to input data into a template and copy/pasting into an email through the shopify order admin, but this takes A LOT of time if there are a lot of orders.

I want an app with a portal, where I can select items within an order that will auto add the variant details to an email template and then email customers directly at the click of a button saying those particular items are on backorder.

Does anyone know of an app that can help? I can't find one anywhere.

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