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For a new website, is it worth starting with few SEO apps that shopify offers (please make suggestions) and at some point hire an expert or go with an SEO expert from start and stay with long-term? 

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Hi - Shopify SEO apps will only help with your 'onsite SEO' optimisation e.g. do all your images have alt tags, do your pages all load quickly, do you make correct use of H1, H2, meta descriptions, JSON LD etc. etc. but they can't deal with your 'offsite' optimisation e.g. building backlinks, keyword rank tracking, building domain authority, competitor SEO analysis etc.


Whether or not to hire external help all depends on how much knowledge/time you have to deal with it by yourself. Also, some of the tools you may want to use to really do it properly such as AHREFS, SEM Rush, ScreamingFrog etc. can get quite expensive if just buying them for yourself and are often provided as part of a 3rd party SEO expert service.


I would definitely start with getting your onsite SEO right and then focus on your offsite. But you definitely need both, as onsite SEO on its own won't get you very far.


Also if you go down the expert route, choose carefully, as unfortunately there are a lot of charlatans in the SEO space.

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That makes a lot of sense, thank you Jon!!!

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If you are considering picking an on-site SEO app to start with, SEO Master may be your choice. It includes all the features you need for on-page optimization for your store. If you already have one, try out our free SEO check-up, it will give an in-depth report of what you need to do to gain a higher ranking. 

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Both SEO apps and SEO experts are necessary for your business. They just have different usage at different times of your business.

SEO apps are used when your business is in the initial stages i.e. when you are at a point where you are just new in the market, on that time you should prefer apps that will give you better results in less amount. Some of the SEO tools are Google keyword planners, google trends, rank maths, etc. But when you have gained some space in the market you should definitely contact SEO experts to get in ahead of the queue like we use trending keywords in the content of our website. We PropelGuru as a team also have expertise in Social Engine Optimization. To get more ROI visit our website 

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SEO Apps can help you fix quick wins like meta, alts etc. SEO Experts (the real ones) will do a proper SEO analysis and chalk out a plan for your organic search growth. Based on your store current situation they can suggest for technical fix and/or link building. As said here, both are necessary. 

We actually do both (have an SEO app and do SEO services too), let me know if you have specified questions. 

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SEO plays a big role in how easily shoppers can find your store. The higher you rank in search engine results, the more traffic will come to your eCommerce store. This naturally leads to an increase in sales.

Shopify comes with many SEO-friendly features right out of the box, but there's more you can do to climb the rankings. While SEO depends on keywords, it takes more time to sprinkle some keywords in your site's content to make your site ranking higher.

There are a few key steps to mastering SEO for your Shopify store:

  • Optimize your Shopify site structure
  • Improve user experience
  • Research the right target keywords
  • Optimize your Shopify Product Pages
  • Create a link to your store
  • Rank high with content marketing
  • Use the best Shopify SEO apps and tools