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Separate Product Pages for Combined Listings

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We have a t-shirt product page consisting of five colors and each color is available in three sizes. Do we need to separate the colors to be their own product page before using the combined listings app? Said differently, would we need to create a product page for color one (and its three sizes), a product page for color two (and its three sizes), etc.? If so, is there a way to easily separate the five colors (and their sizes) that currently share the same product page so that the colors have their own product page? 

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Hi @Support4ST,

To streamline the process, you might want to start by separating your original product into distinct items. Exporting your current products to a CSV file, then manipulating the data to divide them, and reimporting the file into Shopify could be a less time-consuming approach compared to manual creation.


Another option to explore is utilizing an app tailored for splitting products based on variants. However, considering your plan to use a combined listing app for linking these separate products, employing 2 separate apps might lead to increased costs.


Speaking of combined listing apps, you might find the Easify Product Options app useful. This app offers various display types such as Image Swatches, Color Swatches, Dropdowns, Buttons. Additionally, it provides an Option URL feature enabling you to link relevant products together. Below, I've included an example demonstrating how the app can be used to link separate products of different colors, which aligns closely with your requirements 🤗:






Simple App Settings:

  • Install the app and create a new option set.
  • Choose an appropriate option display type, such as Image Swatches, Color Swatches, Dropdowns, Buttons.



  • Enable the Option URL feature and add option values representing each product you wish to link.



  • Finally, select the products you want to link together in the product selection section.



 I hope you find this app beneficial for your needs!

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Combining all the color options and sizes for your t-shirt products into one page can simplify the browsing experience for your customers.


For color options you may consider including visual representations (such as images or swatches) of all five color options on the product page. This allows customers to see the available colors at a glance.


For size variants you may provide dropdown menus, radio buttons, or checkboxes to allow customers to select their preferred size for each color option.

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The Shopify Combined Listings app should take care of that – if you're not on the Plus plan yet (Combined Listings is only available for Shopfiy Plus), checkout – it has a similar functionality.