Set Product or Variant Weight using Flow

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We add new products frequently (multiple per day) and would like a way to set the default weight for new products so that we don't inadvertently forget to set it. I'm trying to use Flow, and can setup the trigger, check the item weight (if weight = 0), then.....but can't figure out where to find Weight under the Actions options. Can anyone help?

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Hello @Carver_Junk_Com ,


If you're trying to use Microsoft Power Automate (previously called Microsoft Flow), the "Weight" option may not be available as an action in the list of available actions. This is because the Weight property is not a built-in property for all types of actions.

However, you can still set the weight of a product using Power Automate by using the "Update a product" action. Here's how:

  • Add the "Update a product" action as the next step after the trigger.
  • Select the correct connection and Shopify store in the action.
  • In the "Product ID" field, select the appropriate dynamic content from the trigger to identify the product you want to update.
  • Under the "Advanced options" section, click on "Edit in advanced mode."
  • In the advanced editor, add the following code under "Properties" to set the weight of the product:
    "weight": {{your_weight_value_here}},


  • Save and test

Hope this will work.


Have a nice day,


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Thanks, we are using Shopify Flow, not MS.

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Carver, did you find any solution for setting the weight using Shopify Flow? We are also looking for a solution for this... 🤔