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We are looking to sell our products in set size packs. (Typically 2 smalls, 2 mediums, and 2 larges). I would like the price on the items to read as the cost of one. But when they click on it, they choose the number of packs they would like. 


see image below.  


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Hello @Bobblesandlace

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MultiVariants - Bulk order app can be the solution to your requirement. MultiVariants has this feature in the app where you can set minimum order restrictions per option. This means that With this app, you can set restrictions on your first option. So, you can set a minimum/maximum quantity for just ONE of the options. 

For example here you want to set a bundle in such a way that your customer has to select at least two sizes from each size option.

1st of all from your Shopify you have to set 1st option as size and then MultiVariants - Bulk order set a ruleset of minimum 2 from per option.

This restriction will be applied for different display styles like select, list, grid/box, and swatch.

Additionally, through this app, restrictions for minimum-maximum quantities, minimum-maximum order value, predefined bundle, interval quantities, and limits on variants can be applied.


Also, you can set restrictions on any specific product or group of products in your store. You’ll get 3 days of trial for going through all the available features.

Here is a sample product. from here you won't be able to go to the cart without selecting 12 variants from each option. An alert will appear. If you don't want to offer color then you can set size as your 1st option.

If as 24*7 live support to help you with your query and provide you help.

You can give it a try.

Thank you.

MultiVariant-Bulk Order(Per option Restrictions)MultiVariant-Bulk Order(Per option Restrictions)


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