Setting free shipping using DSers

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Hello everyone.


If you are Canadian selling in Canada and using DSers in conjunction with Shopify, and have chosen to offer Free Shipping, please help me to understand how to set this up.  I am NOT getting the answers from DSers' help.  


Ideally, I want to achieve:  (cost plus 40%) plus (shipping cost + $2) = sell price.  

With the shipping built into the price, I think it's more competitive to offer free shipping.


I tried using the Advanced Pricing Rules but it wants to upcharge the shipping rate by the same 40% as my cost.  I don't want that.  i am trying to be competitive.  Product prices can range from $5 to $200.  So a consistent rule might not work.


In order to include the shipping it has to be carried forward from Ali-Express.  How else can you bring the shipping cost to Shopify?


I'm really struggling with this.  Need your help.

Thank you

Laurie (stressed in Ontario!)



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