Setting up a template for Dymo Wireless label printer to use in Stocky

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We bought a Dymo Wireless Label Printer to use with Stocky. 
In the template of the label you need to edit the reference name as outlined below by stocky.


  1. In the Dymo Label Printing software, right-click a text field and then select Properties.
  2. Select the Advanced tab.
  3. In the Reference name section, choose and enter a name from the approved list of text field names.
  4. Click OK to save the information.
  5. Save the label to your computer.
  6. Upload the label to Stocky by clicking Preferences, and then Dymo.

When you right-click the text field  properties is not listed , so no advanced and no reference name to edit.
How do I solve this ????

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We just purchased a like new Dymo 450 and we were having the same issue. I discovered that you can download old versions of the Label Software. I downloaded DYMO Label Software 8.7.4 and it allowed me to create the template per the old instructions and will print the labels. I still I can't get a Bin Location on the label, still searching for a solution to that.


The old software can be found at :


Direct link to the version that worked for us :



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If you are using the DYMO Connect software, you can name the fields you add by clicking on the the three dots button "..." on the left-hand side navigation pane:


This will take you to the Label Properties page where you can rename the objects to be the same as the "Merge Fields shown in the Preferences -> DYMO page in Stocky:


If you have blank fields in stocky, like supplier_code for example, the label will print out whatever label you had for the item from your template. Which is why I had to make the label show blank on my template:



I hope this helps, God knows Shopify ain't helping.