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Setting up different rules for products on when they are available to order

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Hey Shopify Community,

I have a very individual and complicated case of what customers can buy and when. Let me explain in examples:

In our online-food-store we have products that are delivered fresh to our customers, resulting in that they can only order them until 10 AM.
We covered that with the App "Order Deadline".

But on top of that we have custom Timeslots that our customers can choose. So customer A might want to have their order on Monday between 11:00 and 14:00 and customer B wants to have them on Wednesday between 16:00 and 20:00.
We covered that also with the App "Delivery Date Schedule".

Problem here is, that the App Order Deadline does not communicate the calculated earliest possible date to the Delivery Date Schedule App, resulting in that you can either choose to order fresh products for the next day (even after 10 AM) or that we just block the next day for ALL prodcuts (even if they are not fresh and you could deliver them tomorrow)!

So best soulution would be an App that would cover both. Or to get the date from "Order Deadline" to the "Delivery Date Schedule" App.
Does anyone have any Idea on how to solve that?

But thats not enough, we also want to block certain products for specific days. Like Vendor XY does not produce fresh breads on Saturdays, so we can not deliver them on saturdays.

You see, its a very complicated thing. My main question here is: Is this solveable without hiring a developer who code this individually for us?

Thanks for your replies.


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