Several Top Subscription Apps not Working with my product

Several Top Subscription Apps not Working with my product

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I have used several of the top Shopify built subscription apps. I’m currently using Seal Subscription. I own a meal prep business and one of the options is a subscription based service where people can customize meals and have them delivered each week. They are customized on the product page with a lot of variants using another variant app. 

My main problem: the customer needs to be able to choose these variants again each week before renewal so they can change their meal plan. All the subscription apps so far allow them to add a new item or update the existing product in the subscription BUT it does not allow them to see the same initial product page to choose the variants once again. 

the last subscription service Devs said it won’t work with non Shopify variant apps. Is there any solution to my problem?

my custom products are on the bottom of this page - password is “password”


please help! I’m willing to pay to find a solution to what I thought would be an easy fix.





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Hi @jameschef86 ,


Before proposing any solution can be resolved in two ways.


1. Do you want to allow editing of existing orders to change their meal plan?

2. You can provide a link to place a new order to change their meal plan, where the existing field will be preselected which the user will able to change.


Let me know if the solution suits you for any further queries you can reach out to WhatsApp number details are in the post footer.


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Just so that we are on the same page, lets say that a customer were to make this selection:


Protein Meal 1: Lentils / Beans
Carb Meal 1: Jasmine Rice
Veggie Meal 1: Asparagus
Sauces Meal 1: Roasted Red Pepper & Garlic
Protein Meal 2 : Tofu
Carb Meal 2: Fingerling Potatoes
Veggie Meal 2: French Green Beans
Sauces Meal 2: Sesame Ginger
Protein Meal 3: Lentils / Beans
Carb Meal 3: Quinoa
Veggie Meal 3: Bok Choy
Sauces Meal 3: Roasted Red Pepper & Garlic
Protein Meal 4: Tofu
Carb Meal 4: Basmati Brown Rice
Veggie Meal 4: Braised Greens
Sauces Meal 4: Miso Cilantro
the next time the customer wants to change the meal plan, you want the customer to have these entries pre-populated in the each of the meal (and allow the customer to make changes as desired instead of starting from scratch all over) drop down boxes?
Is my understanding correct?
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The rules are:

If the customer makes no changes before renewal each week, they get that same order they made the week before.

If the customer wants to change their order they should go through the exact same drop down menus options for each of the meals.