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Ship on Date, Split Cart (multiple send to's), Streamlined Checkout, Discount code improvements

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Hi all,

I'm not sure if it's an app or group of apps I'm looking for, if I'm going to have to do some custom work, or if what I'm looking for is in the base functionality.  I'm working on a site re-design, and as a part of those efforts I want to add some functionality to my checkout and shipping processes.

Here's what I'm looking to do:

1. I'd like people to be able to tell me when they want me to ship their purchase.  We sell gift boxes and people don't always want their purchase shipped right away.  Maybe they want to order during a sale (i.e. Black Friday) but want the gift to be for Christmas.  I don't want to give guaranteed delivery dates, but I'd like the person to be able to play around with ship dates and then get an estimated delivery date.  I don't need anything super high tech in the estimated delivery date calculation (i.e. realtime).  I ship either First Class or Priority.  I could pre-program a certain amount of lead time.  For international orders I could simply say that estimated delivery date is unavailable for international orders.

2. I'd like people to be able to order multiple gift boxes but split the order into multiple ship to people and locations within the same transaction.  I'd also like the future ship date functionality selectable per portion of the order (ship part one on date x and part 2 on date y).  Along with this, I need a notes section for each portion of the order.  Our gifts come with note cards and customers need to be able to tell me what each note card should read.

3. Limit the amount of characters that can go on the note card.  Currently I've repurposed the Notes section of the base checkout functionality to allow people to tell us what to write on their note cards.  This has led to some rather long winded notes.  So far we've been able to squeeze everything in, but its been close a few times.  It would be good to have a character limit.

4. Automatically applied discount codes from a link.  Rather than people having to apply a code at checkout, which is functionality I'd liek to keep, it would be great if I could send a link that pre-applies the discount code and that pricing is automatically applied to the item costs people see on the site (unless they change the discount code, then the new discount would apply.

Thanks for your help,



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Hi Andrew,


Did you work this out? I’m after something similar myself! The apps I’ve found don’t integrate very well, for instance the chosen date isn’t communicated anywhere outside of the app making it hard to pick up.