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Shipping app

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I'm looking for an app to manage my shipping zones within Australia. We are in the flower business and we have around 15 different shipping rates, each covering 3 to 8 areas within the country.
I need an app that allows me to create these shipping zones and assign custom prices and areas to them.

Any help is greatly appreciated. 

Thank you. 


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Hey! Fellow Aussie here 🐨


How are you defining the zones?


And how do you know which rate to apply to an address? Is this based purely on State + post code combo?


Does anything about the cart change the final shipping rate? eg. weight or package size?

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Use the Australia Post Shipping app to integrate with your Australia Post account and offer real-time carrier-calculated rates at checkout.


The app calculates shipping costs based on product weight and locations, eliminating the need to configure zone-based rates.



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