Shipping manager app that allows me to bulk print labels using shopify's shipping rates

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Hi there, I'm looking for an app like ShipStation that allow me to import all my orders from multiple channels, and still allows me to benefit from Shopify's awesome UPS shipping rates.

The apps I've found in my research (including shipstation) don't allow me to buy shipping directly with shopify, which from what I can tell has BY FAR the best rates for UPS. 

I have 2 shopify stores, and would like to be able to set shipping presets and batch orders and print labels with a packing slip all at once. Shipstation works awesome for this, but the rates I'm able to get are 80%+ higher than what I get with Shopify.

Any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance!

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Hi MattH1,

I hope you have already found a solution for this. If not, I might have a solution for you. I'm from the PluginHive team and we have already handled such requirements from merchants. You will be able to use Shopify UPS rates and then use our shipping solution to import your orders, print shipping labels and automate the shipping and tracking process.

Since you have mentioned importing orders from different platforms, may I know what all are they?

I would suggest you contact our customer support  team so that they will help & guide you to handle this requirement.

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