Shoe sizing for Unisex products

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I am seeking advice on how to sell unisex products using the same SKU for two different listings. The challenge I face is that men's and women's footwear sizes differ. For instance, a men's size 7 corresponds to a women's size 6.


How can I display two separate listings for men and women while using the same inventory?


Thank you.

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Hi @KatieFlintham1 !


I highly suggest that you put a note under your product description regarding the sizing and also add a sheet image comparison for men and women footwear sizes. You can also put a variant option for male sizing and female sizing. For example, "Male 7" "Female 7" and so on.

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Hi @KatieFlintham1 ,


Thanks for reaching out to the community. This is MooseDesk - An ideal Helpdesk Solution that aligns perfectly with your Start-up. 


Regarding your question, I have some suggestions for you. Please take them into consideration: 


  • Set Up Variants: Set up your product variants to include all the sizes (both men's and women's sizes). This will allow you to manage the inventory from a single SKU. You can create size variants like "Men's 7 / Women's 6", "Men's 8 / Women's 7", etc.


  •  Modify Titles and Descriptions: Change the product titles and descriptions to target either men or women specifically. For example, one product can be titled "Unisex Shoe - Men's Sizes" and the other "Unisex Shoe - Women's Sizes".


  • Use an Inventory Management App: To streamline the process, consider using an inventory management app from the Shopify App Store that allows multi-channel inventory management. I recommend using SKULabs App to help you manage your inventory across multiple listings using the same SKU.


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Once again, congratulations on creating such an inviting online store! Keep up the fantastic work, and I wish you the best of luck in the future!

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In the past, we have tried this method, but it hasn't been aesthetically pleasing. I've noticed that others selling similar products create separate listings for men and women, even when using the same product.


Would it be feasible to create a master listing with all sizes and then create two duplicate listings, one for each gender, while using the master listing to manage stock levels? I assume we would need an app to manage the stock levels and sync them to the duplicate listings. However, I haven't found such an app in the app store yet.