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Why am I getting notifications from SHOP APP on my phone for orders I did not place on Amazon, not orders placed on my Shopify Store?

My shopify online store and retail is in Connecticut


Aug 14: New package from Amazon"  Pickup by ship partner USPS, awaits item. Houston TX   1:43pm

Aug 15: Tendered to Postal Service Humble TX   1:56am

Aug 15: Preshipment info sent  4;00am , USPS possession 4:46am, the Arrival at Unit 8:36am

Aug 15 Out for Delivery Houston TX 8:47am

Aug 15: delivered on front porch 11am


Then Aug 17, also in Texas  by UPS

Aug 17: pickup in Forth Worth 2:48am

Aug 17: dispatched from sorting center Granby TX 9:39am

Aug 17: sorted at Brownswood, then out for delivery and delivered 8:29pm


yesterday I got notifications via SHOP App about an amazon order  USPS awaiting item in Goodyear AZ, then awaiting item in San Bernardino CA. I have no idea what this these messages are all about.


What's going on with these SHOP notifications that I do not have anything to do with?

anyone else getting these types of notifications about amazon order deliveries, which you have nothing to do with?




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Did you connect your store to the Amazon channel app? Maybe is spam/fraud?

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