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'shop now' button pop-up at bottom of screen when scrolling

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Hi There, 

I'm looking for a plugin or a solution to get a pop-up button at the bottom of a mobile screen that says 'shop-now' whilst scrolling on the main shopify page.


Something similar to the picture below which appears on the bottom of the screen when I scrolled through the main page. I have used the green arrow to indicate which pop-up button 



WhatsApp Image 2023-03-05 at 22.54.33.jpeg



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Poptin can help you achieve this easily. 
All you need to do after getting the app is: 
1. Create a popup

2. Select a template (I recommend that you use the ones specifically for mobile for what you want to achieve) 

3. Design your popup and set 'on-screen location' to the bottom. 

4. Add targeting rules and publish to your store.

Hope this helps. 

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