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I am looking for an app, or someone to build something simple, that allows me to post my vertical short form videos (think TikTok and instagram Reels) to a gallery page where customers can also click to view products used. I have tried a TikTok gallery but TikTok automatically starts a new random video (not mine, could be anything) after theirs stops and I need more control over that. I could upload these as shorts to youtube and embed that way...hoping there is an easy app for that. The key though, is being able to have customers able to shop products used in the short vids.



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did you try "TikTok Shopping Gallery" ?

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Hi Lisankelly! I looked into this a little bit, and when I checked the Tik Tok Shopping Gallery App demo page (, it looks like a new video doesn't automatically play when your video finishes, though it does show recommended videos. I don't think there's currently a way to get rid of those recommendations. Tiktok doesn't seem to provide an option to disable them unfortunately (reference:

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