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Shopcode app QR CODES

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QR codes for checkout/pricing at Retail


Hello shopifiers,


Thanks for any help / advice 🙂


I mainly wholesale and want to apply QR codes ( for retail pricing/checkouts ) to the products to help 

shops price items in their store .


I see shopify have Shopcodes app and Retail barcode app but I need the shop owner to be able to put ( edit )  their own special retail price on the QR code ?  So they have to be editable?  Is this possoble please 🙂


We only have 20 products ...


I'd like to print a  QR code on thousands of mass produced products or labels ....

and >>>  also be able to hand label on daily made fresh items produced every day .


Thanks for any help 


Colin  🙂                      @ links to members

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Hello @greenhemp 


Welcome to the Shopify Community!


So you essentially need to have different QR Codes for the same product and these QR Codes need to bring customers to the product page with a different price based on which QR Code was scanned?


Hope to hear back from you soon!


Marco from Releasit

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Hello Macro,

Thanks , what I am needing is QR codes ( or bar codes ) for each item .

The shops I supply wholesale to are asking for them to make check out in
their stores easy .

Can you help me with that ?


talk soon