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Hi everyone, I'm a new Shopify App developer.
We submitted our App but got some review feedback that we don't know how to solve in the shortest time and thinking if it's required that we follow the feedback. If someone could help us, that would be really appreciated!

1. Must work with multiple stores with the same email account
2. Must automate storefront install
Implement an automated installation process like ScriptTags or Assets APIs to make the installation process faster and simpler for merchants. Also include screenshots and videos showing exactly where the merchant should copy and paste snippets if the automated install process does not work. Include instructions so merchants are able to remove code associated with the app priory to merchants uninstalling your app or consider setting up an email providing uninstall instructions once your app is uninstalled from a shop.

We provide the drag and drop function via Google Tag Manager, we thought it was not necessary to use ScriptTag....

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