Shopify App Development - question about integrating app with checkout process

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I am currently creating a custom app for the Shopify app store, but I am unsure if it will work with regular Shopify users, not just Shopify Plus users.


The app allows users to draw a shipping zone using Google Maps API, creating defined shipping zones from the drawn area on the map. When a user enters their address, the application finds which zone they live in through Google Maps API and updates the correct shipping price in the checkout backend.


There are conflicting answers as to whether the app will work for regular Shopify users because Shopify documentation mentions that only Plus members can edit checkout processes. However, I have seen on blogs that users with a regular Shopify account can download apps to change their checkout process.


So my question is, will normal Shopify accounts be able to use the application through installing the app, or will the application only work when installed for Shopify Plus users? There is a similar app to mine with the same functionality, and it seems you do not need a Shopify Plus account to download and use it.


Can anyone help me with this answer?

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