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I'm new to shopify and I am trying to help someone set up a marketing campaign and am trying to find the right kinds of Shopify apps to do this. I need an app (multiple apps) that accomplish these goals:

1. We want our customers or new visitors to apply on our site to become influencers or product ambassadors.
2. When someone fills out an application to be an influencer, we want to divide the applications into 3 buckets - VIP1, VIP2, VIP3.

3. Each VIP tier would get assigned a different discount (20%, 30%, 15%) to our store--but we want the discount to only be applied to 1 specific product in our store. 

4. The process needs to be automated.

Are there any apps that can help us do this?

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Hi @CCmarketmedia ,


What you propose is indeed a great way to obtain word of mouth effect. With this case, I highly recommend using a loyalty program like or Both of these apps provide a great way to change your shopper into your ambassadors.




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Hi there!

I came across your ambassador request regarding VIP influencers and different discounts and the linkr app might be able to help you.

Please see here what´s included in the "Ambassador" subscription:



Also, please have a look here, how your ambassador program could look like if you adjust your logo and image for your own ambassador page: 

Register page for new users:

Login page for existing users:

This brand placed the ambassador programme in their footer. It´s basically one of the links above (which you generate and activate on linkr) which is placed behind the text in the footer.

Once an influencer signs up, it will appear on your ambassador list and after we have verified the influencer (to protect our influencer network and you from fraud), you can get in contact with the influencer via linkr chat, place the influencer on a specific list and generate personalized or general purposed discount codes. If connected with your Shopify store it will automatically create those codes in your shop system where you can further manipulate them if you need it. For commissions: linkr will automatically calculate how much commission every influencer gets subject to how often the code has been redeemed which we track and the linkr app also allows you to pay out influencers directly on linkr.

Hope we can help you with a thing or two 🙂