Shopify app Free plan

Shopify app Free plan

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Hi guys.

I am creating a shopify app using remix "appaza preloader", I want to add a free plan with 1000 request. after 1000 requests, free plan will be end and need to upgrade.  How can i add a free plan?

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Hi @appaza,

I developed an app like that, too. You can build a quota counter to count how many requests your merchant has made and prevent making more requests when the limit is reached. You also can reset the quota by month if you want.


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Hi @appaza 

As far as Shopify is concerned, the free plan does not exist and it is something you have to take care of as a developer.
For our Poldero Notifications app we've done something similar to what you're trying to do: for our free plan we count the requests up to 1500 per Shop, but as far as Shopify is concerned, the user does not have a plan (we keep track of it though). Once the user wishes to upgrade to a paid plan that's the point where you have to specify what kind of plans you support and how each of them shall be structured.

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