Shopify app - Get AccessToken

Shopify app - Get AccessToken

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Hi all,


We have created an shopify app with theme extension for building reviews app. On that, we are trying to list the customer reviews for the product on product page.

We only have customer id currently, we need to get the customer name to display in the reviews section. For that, we are using admin graphql, but it requires admin access token to pass through the API. How can we get the admin access token dynamically.


Am hoping those token will be generated while installing our app in the store and we can access it. But i don't know how to access it. There is no exact steps or file names in which we can access it. Can someone please help me with how to get the admin and storefront access token? Please let me know if I need to include any other details for you.

FYI: I have also enabled this for my app. I have displayed all information in app frontend except for the customer name in the review section in product page.


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