Shopify App Payments

Shopify App Payments

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Could anyone please help me to know
What all charges Shopify takes initially for apps
And what all recurring charges after app is deployed.

Also what about app subscriptions payments do they charge it as well and also what about in app payments for wallets and all how much do they charge?

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I am also new to this I maybe wrong but you pay a tiny amount when you create a partner account and deploy an app (like $15 or so). After that, They take 0% on the first $1 million/year in revenue, then 15% after that. For in-app purchases, they charge 20%. Recurring charges depend on your app's pricing model.

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Thanks @hidaviddayshopi for your response. Revenue generated through app means renenue generated through subscription prices we have in our app correct. And what about in-app purchases? Could you please elaborate it.

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HI @ansariafroz720 
Shopify doesn't charge for apps initially; app developers set their own fees, which might include recurringusage, or one-time fees. For details, check the app's page on the Shopify App Store.

Recurring app charges are billed with your next 30-day Shopify invoice. They cover the app's subscription period, which is usually monthly. For more details, check out Shopify's billing cycles.

Shopify charges for app subscriptions through your Shopify invoice. For in-app payments, such as wallets, fees depend on the payment gateway used. Here's more on Shopify's billing for apps and payment gateways.

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