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Hi, I installed this app but after activating it I didn't understand the settings. because previously after adding the block there was no application in the list so it made me confused, can anyone help?

This section has been activated




For this part, I don't understand where I should add the app so that it appears on every product








this part, after the add section the app doesn't appear




After that, in the add section the app doesn't appear either, I'm doubtful because this is an add block from rich text, I'm afraid there are other add blocks that can do it but there aren't any



how to set it up or provide a tutorial for me to display the app in my product review using the streamline theme, I hope you guys can help me.



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The statement reflects a common challenge users encounter when dealing with third-party apps, particularly in understanding their settings and functionalities. Unlike official app store offerings, apps may lack intuitive user interfaces or clear instructions, leading to confusion and frustration for users. In this case, the user installed the app but struggled to navigate its settings, possibly due to unexpected behavior or unfamiliar interface elements.

This situation highlights the importance of user education and clear documentation for  apps. Developers should strive to provide comprehensive guides, tooltips, or tutorials to help users understand how to use their apps effectively. Additionally, community support forums or help resources can offer valuable assistance for users encountering difficulties with, allowing them to troubleshoot issues and optimize their experience.

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ok, thanks for the response, so what should I do? If it's not compatible with what I'm using, is there another way to do it?