Shopify App Rejection: Need guidance on handling fictional personal information in screenshots

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Hello Shopify Community,


I recently received a rejection notice from Shopify for my app, and I'm seeking some guidance on how to proceed. The reason for the rejection was stated as follows: "Update your screenshots to comply with our requirements. Remove sensitive account information in your screenshots."


Upon careful review, I realized that the issue stems from the fact that my screenshots contain fictional personal information, generated by ChatGPT. The intention behind including this information was to accurately demonstrate that the app displays customer information. However, it seems that the reviewer may have mistakenly assumed that the names and personal information depicted in the screenshots belong to real individuals.


While I completely understand and respect Shopify's commitment to user privacy and data protection, it is essential for my app's functionality to convey the message that customer information is indeed displayed. The challenge lies in finding a way to effectively showcase the app's features without compromising privacy or violating Shopify's guidelines.


To address this concern, I would greatly appreciate if Shopify could provide a list of valid example names and personal information that can be used in such cases. By utilizing these approved fictional identities, I can clearly demonstrate the capabilities of my app while ensuring that the personal information represented does not belong to real individuals.


Has anyone else encountered a similar situation or faced challenges in depicting fictional personal information in their app screenshots? How did you handle it? Any insights, suggestions, or experiences would be invaluable to me.


Thank you in advance for your support!

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