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Shopify App Store Ads Experiment

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Colleagues, what is this incomprehensible experiment with advertising in shopify app store? I will not talk about the nonsense of advertising in the shopify app store, but I am extremely indignant at the current status of this experiment. You have selected some of the developers whose ads are currently available. In turn, shopify support informed us that we could not advertise. You do not find that it is dishonest? Right now, with the help of advertising, potential customers are being taken away from us, and we are bound and cannot do anything about it, because the regulator simply forbade us to participate in fair competition. How do you even consider the action at all? Is it fair to your partners?


With hope for common sense, CEO of KAD Systems. 

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I agree 100% with the above.


I also question the motivation behind this experiment.

It seems like a cash grab on Shopify's part. The incentives don't align with the best interests of app developers or merchants. 


It doesn't encourage better app development. Substandard apps can now pay for visibility.

It doesn't help merchants find the best app for their needs - only those apps willing to pay for visibility.


Example: an app is advertising in #2 position in one of our categories with a review score of 4.0/5 - substantially lower than the average 4.7/5 score of the top 8 apps in the category. That'll be a substandard experience for merchants (assuming the low review score is warranted) while at the same time allowing developers with substandard apps to gain greater visibility than their apps deserve. 

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Hey @timkuts @nortonch !


We feel your pain! Let me introduce myself - I am a team member of several Shopify apps. As advertising apps is expensive (spending money doesn’t always guarantee results), we created and launched in-app ad exchange platform for Shopify developers. ConnectPlus - it's free banner exchange platform (even no credit card details needed) where you put script to your app and show other Shopify developer banners. 

It works really easily:

  • Step 1 - Shopify developers sign up to ConnectPlus (for free).
  • Step 2 - developers add a piece of code to their app to display other developers’ ads.
  • Step 3 - for each ad a Shopify developer displays, they’ll get a free slot in the ConnectPlus ad network to display an ad for their app.
  • Step 4 - developers can monitor their ad’s performance in real time and carry out A/B split testing.

It really works and generates free clicks and downloads for other apps. Please check the case study that shows the real numbers and value for the apps.


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So, App Store Ads are live. I search for XML and I get 3 listings for SMS, Push Notifications and some Image tool. 

Amazing Value Add Shopify, really great, I can see how this is helpfulBildschirmfoto 2020-02-18 um 10.04.03.png