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Hi there,


I have this need. By running two key words campaigns(Let's say campaign A and campaign B) at Shopify app store, so there are totally three ways for shopify users to install my apps: campaign A, campaign B and organic from Shopify app store.


And my purpose is to attribute the inner behavior by these three sources of users. My development team can put some kind of code inside of somewhere if necessary.


Could you please help me out of this question?

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When a user clicks your ad, the link will contain parameters like surface details, channel, whatever. I can see these parameters from the ur in ga. These parameters are listed in the docs somewhere. (I read it once and forget it)

I think you can export the data from ga and do some data analysis based on the params.

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This article should tell you exactly how to do it.

If you have trouble with the GA setup, please let me know.