Shopify App that upsells post-purchase that combines orders

Shopify App that upsells post-purchase that combines orders

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Hi everyone,


I've spent a few hours digging through the app store - there are several upsell apps, but they don't go into details on how they handle orders and specifically if they combine orders?


Is there a Shopify app that either emails people with an upsell item or provides a link, *and* simply combines those two orders or edits the pre-existing order?

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Hi @johnthejohnjohn;

Great news! We have a powerful solution "Mergify" for merging orders seamlessly within your Shopify store, and it's fully integrated with upsell apps.

Mergify is our innovative app which was developed specifically for merging orders. With this app, you have the flexibility to define rules that suit your specific requirements. For instance, you can choose to exclude orders with a special tag or only consider orders placed within the last two days. Mergify intelligently identifies and suggests mergeable orders based on these rules, and you can take a merging action with just a few clicks!

Also, Mergify is capable of automatically merging orders when customers create multiple orders with the same shipping address, as long as they meet the rules you've defined.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of our app today!

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Merge & combine orders to save on shipping costs