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Offer free trials with the Billing API

Free trials allow merchants to experiment with apps before they commit to paying for the app. Free trials delay the start of an app's billing cycle by the number of days specified. Free trials are available only to merchants if they agree to a new subscription, and cannot be added to existing subscriptions.


我想知道shopify 应用是否支持以下的开发设置:
2、比如我开发的应用2月1上线, 全部用户在不管哪天开始试用的,都5月1开始收费



I want to know if the Shopify app supports the following development settings:

1. For example, if the free period is 3 months, users who start using it on March 1 will start charging on March 6 and 1

2. For example, the application I developed went online on February 1, and all users will start charging on May 1 no matter which day they start trial

3. If there is no free period in the early stage, it is directly free. After a period of time (maybe three months later), we started charging




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