Shopify Apps (Product Reviews ‑ TrustShop)

Shopify Apps (Product Reviews ‑ TrustShop)

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Hi, I want to ask about the application that I installed on Shopify. Previously, I really needed the product review feature, and coincidentally product review by Shopify was no longer available. So I installed another free app, namely Product Reviews ‑ TrustShop, and apparently when I installed it there was a notification that I had to add this code to the product.liquid file , but after I added there was no change.

<div class="trustshop trustshop-review-wrap" id="trustshop-review"></div>


and even when I tried addblock, I couldn't add the app.
because I use the streamline theme, and I try the dawn theme, the application can run.

So, what should I do ? Why can't the Dawn theme work in the Streamline theme?

and when I add code to product.liquid the widget doesn't work

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