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Shopify Bundles App Feature Requests

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After moving from Magento which had a perfect bundle-building setup, I was initially incredibly disappointed to see Shopify didn't have their own native solution. After many years the new bundles app is out, and it is definitely a step in the right direction. However, for me and many others, is currently missing a few essential features to be truly great. You can see by the review on the app store, this app desperately needs improving, here's a few issues I have:


1. Dynamic compare-at-price and SKUs, currently only the "price" is dynamically added together. Would like for the other two to pull through as well ideally. Could also do with some styling, symbol or a different colour to show they are dynamic and linked to the bundle components. (Then allow people to decide whether they want dynamic or to input their own.)




2. Allow certain components to be "required or not required" So say you had 3 products, the first 2 could be required, and the 3rd could be an optional extra with the default setting being something like "Not required"


3. Allow drag and drop re-ordering of the components in the bundle app




4. Allow the ability to show/hide the actual components on the bundle page, currently the components only show if they have variants, might be nice to allow all of the components to show regardless of variants.


This product for example has 3 child items, but only the 1 with variants displays




5. As others have mentioned fix compatibility with other sales channels, shop app, pos etc


6. Increase variant quantity, and option amount but think this is already in progress thankfully


Please dont reply with you should this app X, Y or Z i've tried t



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I would add the following to this list :

Access to the individual items in the bundle from the Shopify frontend (ie. liquid templates) so you can show the photos/descriptions/etc. of each bundled product on your store.

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I wouldn't mind trying my hand at making this from scratch and publishing it as a new app. Would you open to guiding me a bit more?

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Which other bundle apps have you used before?

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