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Hi, I’ve mostly been enjoying the native Shopify app for the seamless inventory management, but found some limitations in creating the type of bundles.


Basically, I want to create a bundle that consists of 2 items: Bottle (item A) and bottle carrier (item B).


Item A is straightforward, it’s one single product listing with 3 variants. 

However for item B, I’d like customers to pick from one from 3 different product listings. They are all of the same price, just separate listings because they’re of different SKU’s and design collections. I prefer not to combine all these into 1 single listing with variants.


Is there any way around this in the Shopify app? Or are there other bundle apps that can perform this function 

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Hi @Nnylirea,

You're right, the native Shopify app has limitations when it comes to creating bundles with flexible component options like the one you described.

But there are several bundle apps can handle your specific needs. Here are a few popular options:

  • Bold Bundles: This app allows you to create bundles with different variants and even lets customers choose from different product listings within the bundle. It also integrates with other Bold apps and offers advanced customization options.
  • Bundler ‑ Product Bundles:  This app allows customers to choose from different product listings within the bundle. This perfectly accommodates your scenario of letting them pick a specific bottle carrier from separate listings.
  • Fast Bundle | Upsell Bundles is another strong contender for your specific needs. Like Bundler, it allows customers to choose items from different product listings within the bundle, perfect for your bottle and carrier selection.

Consider trying their free trials or demos to see which one best fits your workflow and budget. And explore them thoroughly before making a decision.


Hope these information will be helpful for you. Good luck with your online store!

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Hi @Nnylirea,

You can consider using the Easify Product Options app into your store setup. This app enables you to integrate the Bottle carrier (Item B) as custom options within your Bottle (Item A) product 🤗.

If you prefer not to present Item B as a single listing, you can implement a two-step selection process. Initially, customers can choose the listing/design collection of Item B, and upon selection, they will be presented with the specific options for Item B within the chosen collection.

Below is an example for your store:






App Settings:

  • Install the app and set up a new option set.
  • Add an option for selecting a Design for Item B (Design 1, 2, 3). Utilize an appropriate option display type such as Image Swatches.



  • Add an options for selecting Item B within the Design 1 collection, using a proper option type such as Color Swatches. Link these options to existing products in the Design 1 collection.





  • Enable Conditional logic to display these options only when Design 1 is selected in the preceding design collection option.



  • Repeat the process for options within other collections.



  • Finally, add the option set to the Item A product page.


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