Shopify cart/update hook shipping quote calculation return is not applied in the cart.

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Hi everyone,

I am working on a webhook cart/update which calculates the shipping quotes from Shipit and then returns the output to the shopify cart.

Here is the sample data that the webhook will return the following JSON. However, the cart and shipping page is not affected by the return. I checked the output using Post man and the output looks fine. Can you please point me to the right documentation? what is the actual format of the json that should be returned back to shopify from the webhook. 






"shipping_rates": [
"carrier": "USPS",
"service": "Priority Mail",
"price": 10.5,
"currency": "AUD",
"estimated_delivery_date": "2023-03-12"
"carrier": "FedEx",
"service": "Standard Overnight",
"price": 25,
"currency": "AUD",
"estimated_delivery_date": "2023-03-08"
"subtotal_price": 50,
"total_tax": 5,
"total_price": 55,
"total_weight": 500,
"currency": "AUD"







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