Shopify chat app - Mobile setting will only work with double taps not single

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I hope someone can figure this out. I've gone through all the available settings.

On my desktop website, the online store chat works great. Single click with the mouse activates all button sections of the chat app.


On mobile, the chat app requires to clicks ( 2 rapid pushes of the finger on the screen) to navigate the chat app, open the chat, or send a message.

This is quite frustrating and not user friendly on the mobile.

Is there a way to fix this? to make it a one click on mobile?
Any help or a solution would be great. Im guessing since there isn't an option on shopify settings, it may have to be code of some sort.


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Shopify Partner
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Hi DevelliAU, if you're having trouble with this chat app, you should check this one out -


It uses GPT to handle all the communication for you and is compatible with mobile and desktop stores. You can also oversee all the conversations it has with your customers.