Shopify checkout page math is confusing and only Shopify can fix it (?)

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I have installed a few volume discount apps in order to set up quantity price breaks in my store. (Eg., buy 5 get 10% off, buy 10 get 15% off...)


With each app, the checkout page math display is wrong. Please see the file I've uploaded for details.


This is the same across a number of apps I've tried. I'm told by the various app developers I've contacted about this problem that they can do nothing about this display. They say that Shopify controls the checkout page display and only Shopify can correct this.


When calculating order amounts, you want the math to be right. This is a major trust issue. A confusing display like this will have potential customers abandoning checkout.


Is it the case that only Shopify's dev team can fix this? Is there a volume discount/quantity breaks app that doesn't display math in checkout like this?


Appreciate any insight into this. Hard to believe Shopify would allow this display.


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Hi, Are you using Shopify Plus?

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Hi there - 


No, not using Shopify Plus.


BTW I resolved this issue by installing an app called Volume Discount Mojo. They handle discount displays a little differently than the other apps I tried out. Their end result looks/works fine and, importantly, the math looks and IS correct. So yeah, that's where I landed with this.