Shopify Collective App - Additional Functionality

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Hello Shopify Collective Users.  The purpose of this post is to start a discussion of the functions we would like to see added to Shopify Collective 


  1. Option to change the retails in the price list (as sometimes we run discounts and the pricing goes of current retail)
  2. Option to use original retail not the sale retail in the price list?
  3. Include the SKU and UPC in the price list?
  4. When we are adding products to the price list why can’t we search by style number or upc.
  5. The ability to down load the price list and all the item specs.
  6. Add the meta fields / ability to download the meta fields with the list to send to retailer (as we are using metafields to accordion product details)
  7. The ability to pick & choose product fields to show in the price list.
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