shopify coustomer login using facebook sso using custom react frontend

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i am using a custom front end for my Shopify store made in React there I have created an option for the user to login using Google SSO  and get the access token.
I have not found the best approach to do this. I don't want  to use third-party apps  instead I can use node js if required but still I need a store front graphql API to get the access token for the user

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Integrating Facebook SSO (Single Sign-On) using a custom React frontend enhances user experience by simplifying the login process. It involves setting up Facebook Developer credentials, configuring OAuth, and using libraries like react-facebook-login. This integration ensures a seamless and secure authentication method, crucial for platforms managed by experts in online assessments. By leveraging Facebook SSO, these platforms can efficiently handle user data, providing a smoother access mechanism that reduces friction. This not only improves user retention but also strengthens the trust and reliability of the assessment platform, allowing experts in online assessments to focus on delivering high-quality, secure evaluation services.