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Shopify Digital Download App - Email 'Updates' not sending?

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So I have no issues when a customer buys something, they get their digital download email no problem. But what im now finding is that with my digital products and I upload a product update (new digital download file), and the app prompts ask me "would you like to email notify all your customers of this new update?"...and I select yes. However Im getting a lot of customers saying they never received this "update email" showing them they have a new Update to download for their digital product they purchased. 

Is there a place or section within Shopify, to actually see the emails that were sent out, and to see if they are being rejected by their email provider, if the email failed to send, or to see whats going on?

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So no one else is having this issue?

I'm having way too many customers saying they are not getting these "your purchase has a new update to download!" emails that are supposed to be automatically sent once we upload a new updated digital product.

I've even sent out a customer email to my entire customer list letting everyone know our entire catalog is getting new updates for them to download.

It's pretty sad to hear all my customers respond back and all say they haven't gotten any "new update available to download!" email at all from us.

This app doesn't work as intended.



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@SaberStuff wrote:

This app doesn't work as intended

The reality here is such FREE apps are below baseline with even less support and should not be used for critical business processes.

Such apps on platforms are "feature" apps good for marketing bulling points and to get new users going before moving on to better more robust niche tools.

Sendowl tends to be the next step up , or for complex logic build your own processes with more open ended automation app such as usemechanic  

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