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Hi everyone,

We are selling on shopify, amazon and eBay, using CODISTO it is synchronizes great and they are also great!

We are selling underwear so there are a lot of variations for each model/style.

So I have a question if there is a way to push only the active variations form Shopify to eBay without pushing the whole listing with 70 variations?

as also if there is a possibility to make for the individual variation a best offer option?


Thank you,


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I'm having the same issue.  I want to list just a few of the variants and not the entire line. Is there a way to remove certain colors or styles?

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eBay doesn't offer a simple way to achieve this via API due to their 'restricted revise' protection.

Therefore the only way we can suggest to achieve currently is to set the inventory level for those variants on eBay to 0 (i.e. the 0 value is specific for eBay and 'unlinked' from your Shopify inventory level).

If that will work, you can do that by going to single edit mode, clicking on the product and "Edit Variation Quantities".  Note this isn't achieable via multi edit currently.

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Hello Yonatan.

eBay has 'Restricted Revise' protection that does not let you exclude variations of the products via API.

So, you'll require a third-party tool that offers the feature, letting you exclude the product variations you do not wish to list on eBay.

You can export the CSV file from the app. And then exclude the variations in the CSV, finally updating the CSV to the app. Once you've completed the given steps, you can upload the products with updated product details (excluded variations).

Thank you!