Shopify Email Daily Limit - help needed segmenting a list into 1k subscribers

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Hi everyone

I have been battling with the Shopify Email app since the spring!  Yeah, uber patient!


I have a list of nearly 8k opted in subscribers.  The app says it copes with 10k emails a month - so I should be able to send everyone a monthly newsletter, right?




Eventually, after speaking to numerous 'help' staff, it seems there is a daily limit of 1000 emails per day.  So I need to segment my list by number and the Shopify app doesn't support it.  Nor can they give me details of a third party app to do this.


I have done this manually into eight excel spreadsheets, but the Shopify Email doesn't recognise this.


Anyone have the details of a suitable 'Shopify expert' (again 'Help' are by name not nature) - most grateful. Karen

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Shopify Partner
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We are having an issue where Shopify Email keeps "failing" when sending out marketing emails. When around 1000-2000 are sent it then fails with the message "Delivery stopped due to a high level of negative feedback from your subscribers, such as unsubscribes and spam complaints."


When I look at the reports, so far not one email has been reported as spam!


Around 40 are marked as bounced (I unsubscribe them). And around 40 unsubscribe (fair enough).


I have been creating smaller segments but the emails keep failing.


We have around 11,000 live subscribers (all double opt-ins and purchasers). We have just moved from Mailchimp where we had zero issues like this. 


A chat (why can we not speak to people any more) could not tell me what to do to resolve this (apart form jus point me in the direction of general articles on Shopify Email which are no use). No send limit was mentioned. Sigh.