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Shopify Facebook App stopped syncing to Facebook - CRITICAL PROBLEM

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We have been using this App since last year.  However, the last few months it looks like everything is OK on the shopify side,
but when I look at our Catalog on the Facebook side, the data feed is not working.

I have talked to Facebook support and everything looks OK on their side.  I have contacted Shopify several times via the Facebook Channel App with no response.

Facebook logs over 1,000 warnings on products.  Most of them are either Archived, Draft or Out of Stock in Shopify. I spend many days just modifying products in Shopify
to force hundred of products to refresh on FB and got the sync to work for about a week.  But now we are back to the same problem

I would like to just get rid of the catalog in Facebook and re-feed the entire current product catalog from Shopify.  I do not want to delete the Facebook App in shopify
and re-install because I am afraid that all the work put in to date will need to be redone.  It took much time and effort to get it all to work.

Can Shopify support send a total refresh of our catalog to Facebook with having to uninstall/reinstall the app?

If not, how can this 'not syncing' problem be resolved?

This is what our screen looks like in Shopify.  No problem.

 Screenshot (1014).png

This is what shows in Facebook.  Sync not working at all!

Screenshot (1015).png

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I am having the same issues with Facebook and Instagram. There are products from over 2 years ago still showing in the Facebook products list. People are trying to order these items and I am having to refund them because the items are not in stock and have not been in stock for over 2 years! Shopify says there is nothing wrong, Facebook says there are over 500 errors. I have deleted each item on Facebook that is out of stock or has not been in our catalog for over 6 months, and they are back again every few days. I’m about to give up on this whole Facebook and Shopify thing. I have more problems with these two sites syncing than it’s worth anymore.